Why Join?

The AEA is the professional public education membership organization dedicated to improving the quality of education offered to students and making it attractive to teach in Arkansas public schools. To do so requires learning and working environments where teachers and support professionals are equal partners with the board and administration. The AEA is committed to leading and assisting in every possible way to make our public schools the best they can be.

Educational employees lives are better,
thanks to AEA. Some educational support professional and teacher benefits include:

Planning time for teachers (200 minutes/week in 30 minute blocks minimum)

Duty free lunch periods (5 days per week)

Minimum salary schedule 2012-13: BA $29,244; BA/15 $35,994; MA $33,630; MA/15 $41,130)

Professional staff development credit and guaranteed leave for AEA Convention workshops

Sick leave

One day per month - minimum accumulation to 90 days

Transfer of sick leave from district to district

Pregnancy leave recognized as sick leave

Educational trust fund for salaries

Retirement benefits

Retirement benefits after 28 years with no penalty (reduced from 35 to 30 to 28 years)

T-Drop at 28 years - down from 30

Health insurance for school employees

New method of funding assures that health insurance raise actually will be spent for that purpose

$60 million from state funds sent directly to Employee Benefits to partially fund premiums

$131 sent per month as part of State Foundation Aid funds to the districts minimum mandated contribution ($73.7M)

Grievance procedure required by law

Personnel policy committees - Collective Bargaining

School safety legislation

The right to seek legal recourse regarding insult or abuse on the job

Guns prohibited from school grounds

All school related acts of violence must be officially reported by the administration

Teacher fair dismissal act for cause

May 1 deadline for notice of non-renewal

Thirty (30) days to consider contract

May resign up to 10 days after the last day of school


If you provide education support or teach in Arkansas, or have an interest in improving public school education, become a member of the Arkansas Education Association. Have questions about teacher benefits or membership? Contact: Prudence Martin