Education Support Professionals

Education support professionals (ESPs) are the behind-the-scenes heroes of the public education system. Bus drivers, cafeteria workers, nurses, custodians and security guards keep everything running smoothly in our schools, and ESPs are valued members in the Arkansas Education Association. We all work together to promote outstanding education in Arkansas.

We encourage any and all education support professionals to join the AEA and become active advocates for our cause. Learn more about ESP roles in education on the NEA website or discover the National Council for Education Support Professionals.

Benefits for ESP Who Become AEA Members

  • Respect that comes with the support and backing of the largest, most effective employee organization in the country - NEA and its affiliates
  • Support of professional AEA UniServ staff to help members when needed
  • Strong, effective representation if employment problems arise
  • Leadership training for members and their local association
  • Professional development training on issues that affect ESP members
  • Liability insurance protection - $1,000,000 in on-the-job coverage is provided with membership
  • Assistance in winning better pay, working conditions, job safety and health benefits
  • Lobbying representation on issues important to schools and school employees
  • Studies and publications from AEA/NEA to keep us knowledgeable about education and our careers
  • Discounted insurance plans (home, life, investment) designed specifically for members
  • Discounts on credit cards, hotel/motel rates, travel, and more for members

NEA has developed a system of nine job groups and 60 job subgroups to help people understand and compare the diverse roles that ESPs play.

☆ Custodial and Maintenance Services

Buildings and grounds maintenance and repair

☆ Security services

School resource, guard, police, and security specialties

☆ Food services

Food planning, preparation, and service

☆ Health and student services

Nursing, health, and therapy support; community, family, parent, and welfare services

☆ Paraeducators

Instructional and noninstructional support

☆ Clerical services

Secretarial, clerical, and administrative support

☆ Technical services

Computer, audiovisual, and language technical support; media, public relations, writing, and art specialties

☆ Skilled Trades Services

Trades, crafts, and machine operators

☆ Transportation Services

Transportation and delivery services and vehicle maintenance

☆ Higher Ed

All higher education ESP