AEA/NEA Member Benefits

The Workplace

We consistently strive to increase benefits and make salaries more competitive for education professionals. We work with our friends in elected positions to ensure that members have regular planning time, duty-free lunchtime and adequate workplace resources.

Career and Professional Development

We sponsor training, meetings and workshops that help educators to stay abreast of teaching trends and support professional camaraderie, including AEA's PRAXIS preparation training and assistance programs, and the annual Professional Development Conference. In addition, NEA's programs include KEYS, NEA Learning Labs, and the Mentoring Initiative.


AEA pursues an active role when the Arkansas legislature is in session, fighting for the best possible conditions for Arkansas students and members. You benefit from our legislative influence and constant, professional involvement on state and local levels, as well as advocacy. We also provide expert legal representation and a $1 million personal liability policy that protects members against the unlikely and unfortunate possibilities of lawsuits.

Government Relations

The right to vote, and to persuade others to vote in accordance with common principles and values, is a fundamental tenet of American democracy. The AEA/NEA Government Relations program helps the Association, local affiliates and individual members become active in the political arena. By recruiting pro-public education candidates, recommending and helping pro-public education candidates to win elections and lobbying public officials, we influence the decisions made by elected and appointed officials and help our students realize a better tomorrow. By becoming politically active, we help shape our own future. Our salaries and health insurance benefits, retirement, working conditions and our students' learning conditions are determined by people who are either elected or appointed to public office.

Publications and Online Resources

The AEA Communications Department brings you information on everything from legislative updates to teaching methods with "The Arkansas Educator," our online newsletter, and with frequent e-mail updates sent to all our members who have given us e-mail addresses. You'll also find a variety of information and resources online. Members also receive several NEA publications that are pertinent to various teaching specialties such as NEA Today magazine. The NEA website, at provides education-related information, up to date political information, and blogging opportunities. Capwiz, an interactive application that permits direct contact with legislators, is also available to members.

Human and Civil Rights Programs

We host conferences and provide training resources on issues related to human and civil rights, such as communicating effectively with students from underrepresented ethnic groups and hiring new employees from these groups. AEA and NEA bestow honors to individuals who are dedicated to the promotion of human and civil rights.


AEA works closely with Arkansas Teacher Retirement System (ATRS) and lobbies to support legislation that will benefit retired education professionals. Since 1937, ATRS has provided retirement benefits to Arkansas's public school and education employees.

Health Care

NEAMB's array of health care benefits can help you protect your savings from the daunting expenses associated with serious illness, hospitalization, long-term care, dental, vision and more.

Life and Disability Insurance

NEAMB offers a wide variety of life insurance benefits to help ensure the well-being and financial security for our members. These benefits offer excellent coverage with a variety of flexible payment plans designed to accommodate your individual needs. NEAMB and an AEA business partner provide accidental death and dismemberment insurance plans to protect you against the most tragic events. You also receive insurance coverage at no cost if you are a member of the NEA Complimentary Life Insurance plan. This coverage is provided by the NEA Members Insurance Trust to all active, reserve, staff and life members. In addition, new members (excluding students and retirees), are provided with a $15,000 term life insurance benefit for 12 months, at no cost. Additional benefits may be purchased at reduced cost from NEA Member Benefits.

Casualty Insurance

To better help you protect your home and possessions, members receive preferred group rates on homeowner's and renter's insurance. Members also receive discounted rates on auto insurance through NEA Auto and Home Insurance Program by California Casualty.

Investment Programs

The NEA Retirement Program offers innovative financial products, face-to-face counseling and investment options that feature world-class money managers.

Consumer Discount Programs

NEAMB offers several discount programs to members, including NEA Click & Save, an exclusive discount program for members and their families that offers savings on brand name merchandise from hundreds of top retailers, online stores and local merchants. Other discount programs include discounted car rental, magazine service, identity theft protection, and long distance calling service. Visit NEA Member Benefits for a complete list of discount programs.

NEA Academy

The NEA Academy provides practical online courses to meet professional development and continuing education needs for today's busy educator. Courses combine the power of self-paced study and instructor-led virtual classrooms for maximum flexibility, creating the perfect fit for educators who seek a convenient means of gaining additional skills and tools to make a difference in their students' lives. NEA's professional development courses are designed for easy access online and to make learning fun, flexible and collaborative. Courses can help you earn graduate credit, PDPs or CEUs while gaining strategies and resources for immediate use in the classroom.

Discount Programs

NEAMB offers several discount programs to members, including NEA Click & Save, an exclusive discount program for members and their families that offers savings on brand name merchandise from hundreds of top retailers, online stores and local merchants. Be sure to visit the NEA Member Benefits website, or call (800) 637-4636.