Help Elect Friends of Public Education!

The political climate surrounding public education in Arkansas is challenging. However, AEA members have collectively ensured major policy victories for public education and defeated well-funded opponents seeking to undermine Arkansas public schools.

The AEA ACCPE Fund is the political fund of AEA and contributions are used to elect friends of public education to the state legislature and to other state-level offices. Contributions are strictly voluntary and not a condition of membership in the AEA.

Elected officials make many of the decisions that affect your profession, especially the level of salary and benefits you receive. AEA recognizes how important these elected officials are to your future and that is why we are involved in the political arena.

Our Continuing Contributor Program serves as a vehicle for members who wish to be involved in the political process. Through the Continuing Contributor Program, you contribute money to help AEA and NEA elect public officials who are supportive of public education. You may also contribute to these funds by either a monthly bank draft or through your AEA Credit Union.

We need each and every AEA member to do his or her part by contributing to both The Arkansas Committee for Children and Public Education and the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. You do not need to be an AEA Member to donate, but please be sure to fill out the informational form along with your donation. Click the button below to give online. You may also choose to become a monthly contributor.

*You can receive a state tax credit for donations up to $50.

You may also write to:

Arkansas Committee for Children and Public Education (A.C.C.P.E.),
1500 West 4th Street
Little Rock, AR 72201-1064

Call 1-800-632-0624.