Three Things To Know


Across the country, there are 3+ million education support professionals (ESPs) in our schools. The work they do is integral in ensuring our school communities are safe and nurturing learning spaces, so our students are provided the education they deserve to prepare them to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world. Annually,

Education Support Professionals Day is celebrated during American Education Week which is in November.  Our ESPs are the first and last educators who see our children beginning with our professional school bus drivers who get our students to & from school safely. Support professionals maintain our school facilities; prepare healthy meals;  manage the school finances and services; provide education support; and so much more. 


Attendees from the AEA Professional Development conference will be receiving emails from Angela Jones in the following weeks. These emails will ask participants to complete a survey/evaluation to receive credit for the sessions attended. Please be patient as it takes weeks to generate, collate, and submit the certificates to our attendees. If your district has any questions, please feel to reach out to the office and we will be glad to assist in explaining the process and timeline.


As a reminder, AEA is seeking nominations for Board Seats, Elected Officers, AEA-Retired Sec/Treasurer, AEA-Retired Delegates to the 2023 AEA Representative Assembly, and delegates to the NEA 2023 Representative Assembly. The deadline to submit a nomination is Friday, December 2, 2022. More information can be found here.


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