The Arkansas Education Association is available for the many professional development needs our members have across the state. Here are brief descriptions of our offerings. To request a training for your area, fill out the form below.

Stress Management

The session focus will be to understand the nature of stress and to address specific sources of stress that undermine effective teaching.

Teachers need psychological, phys

ical and spiritual balance. Our society expects teachers to be well rounded educationally and emotionally. However, teachers experience several different pressures and stressors and for this reason teachers need to learn how to recognize stress and stressors.

  • To learn the nature of stress
  • To recognize the sources of stress
  • To assess stress
  • To learn stress reduction strategies
  • To create a relaxing environment conducive to peer development


This session is intended to be an introduction to the concept of creating a trauma-sensitive school. This material can be utilized as a single in-service presentation in a 1-hour format or in an all-day format or in sections over time. The intent is to provide information about how trauma is impacting the lives of our students and how these students present in the classroom and other school environments. This information is intended to inspire a change in perspective regarding the academic and behavioral challenges faced by many children, and to begin to create trauma-sensitive environments for students and teachers.

Classroom Management

The best classroom management plan is the one you will use. This workshop was built with that in mind. You will leave with many ideas and tools that you can try without too much time or expense until you find the ones that work best for you in your classroom. There are procedures for everything from entering the classroom to getting ready for the end of the day and everything in between. You will also see several different behavior management plans for kindergarten through high school.


The association has two SPED Law workshops.

One for general education classroom teachers which takes a basic look at the law and explains how the law affects them and their students.  A lot of time is spent ionPart B of the IDEA Statute, F.A.P.E., E.S.S.A., and the ins and outs of an IEP.

The other workshop is for SPED teachers, it takes a deeper dive into the laws and how to document, evaluate and process data.

CO-Teaching Basics

There are several established models of coteaching. Dr. Marilyn Friend and Dr. Lynne Cook developed six approaches to coteaching that are widely used throughout the nation. This session is an overview of the 6 methods with diagrams, video examples, as well as pros and cons of each.

Teaching with Primary Sources

When students work with and learn from primary sources, they become historians. Instead of passively receiving information from a teacher or textbook, students engage in the activities of historians — making sense of the stories, events, and ideas of the past through document analysis. This session will walk you through how to use primary sources in any classroom and show you how to use a historical website to bring history to life.

Teaching Math in the Elementary Classroom (k-6) Using Literacy Strategies

The goal of reading instruction is to teach students to comprehend and apply the written word. The goal of math instruction is similar, to teach students to comprehend the meaning of all numbers and their connections to one another and apply that knowledge to real life. This session will show you how to use reading strategies to teach math concepts, as well as, how to use read alouds to scaffold their math instruction. Each participant will come away with ideas they can implement immediately.

Assembling Your Dream Team

To organize and win, we need more people on our team and leaders who can bring others along. The good news is, we are not starting from scratch. In this workshop we talk about how to uncover hidden networks that are already there in any workplace and recognize the people who can move their co-workers into action.

Building Rep Training

The base of the AEA is our Building Reps. They are the people on the front lines of recruitment and organizing.  This training will explain to building reps their main purpose in the organization and give them tools and specific steps to perform their duties in a highly effective way.

Other Professional Development Sources

NEA 360 Ed Communities – 21 virtual communities of professional practice rich with content and discussion contributions. Join NEA’s edCommunities. Print a copy of the edCommunities brochure.

NEA Tools & Ideas – Lesson plans, teaching strategies, advice and support, and links to resources all on the NEA website.

The NEA Foundation – Grants, awards, and open-source online courses for educators.