AEA Response to ADE Onsite Learning “Clarification”

On August 5th the ADE informed school district leadership any local plan which does not include onsite learning during the full work week will not be allowed by the state.

AEA drafted and released this response:

No one knows the value and importance of in-person learning and the myriad of other services our public schools provide more than the public school educators. Unfortunately, our state is not ready to return to in person learning. Instead of using this time to plan on ways to reach the students who will need the most help in this disruptive situation, the state is now upending the plans local districts have spent months developing with educators, parents and community stakeholders.  

This “clarification” comes during a time when our positivity rate remains far above what health experts say is safe to reopen. Flexibility has been a necessary aspect of responding to the needs of students and school districts. Local districts should be allowed to make decisions that put health and safety first as the impact of that decision goes well beyond the school building.

The ADE also announced today a hotline where parents and educators can call to ask questions and request resources related to the reopening of schools. You can call 1-833-353-6050 from 8-4:00 Monday through Friday.