Retirement Alert Contact Your Lawmaker to Protect ATRS

Rep. Doug House’s stress testing bill, HB1173 will be considered by the Joint Retirement Committee Monday, 3/25.


HB1173 would require public retirement systems to perform a “stress test” using worst case scenarios. The results of the tests could then be used to justify cuts to benefits. This bill is part of a troubling blueprint that other states have used to diminish retirement security for educators. This one of several bills recommended by a group of anti-public retirement activists invited by Rep. House to testify before the committee last year.

All members are encouraged to attend the meeting MONDAY (3/25) at 9 am in the Big MAC building located immediately behind the State Capitol.  AEA strongly opposes HB1173.

If you are unable to attend Monday’s meeting, we encourage all members to contact the members of the Retirement Committee and let them know you oppose HB1173, the stress test bill.


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