The President's Post

Summertime Brings Rest, Renewal, Building & Planning

Summertime is a period of rest and renewal, but also a time to build and plan for the coming school year.  To ensure that educators are ready to take on the next school year, we will be welcoming early career educators and other AEA members from across Arkansas to conferences in June. 

We know that new educators are most likely to remain in the profession when they feel supported and have the resources to perform their jobs well.  I am proud that AEA is working to ensure that new educators have what they need to be at their best for their students at our upcoming conference focused on meeting their needs. 

In addition to our early career educators, we will be welcoming AEA members from across Arkansas to our 2017 Summer Leadership Conference. Conference participants will learn strategies to build leadership skills the classroom, school buildings, local associations and communities

Speaking of educational leadership, it is imperative that educators across Arkansas engage in shaping the implementation of the new Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).  This new law, passed by Congress in late 2015, replaces the largely failed No Child Left Behind law.  The ESSA requires states to create an accountability plan.  The Arkansas Department of Education and stakeholders have been working to craft a plan for our state.  The second draft of the Arkansas plan is available for review and the Arkansas Department of Education is seeking input. It is critical that educators use this opportunity to provide feedback to help shape the plan for our state. ADE has also put together a survey tool to receive feedback.

I encourage all AEA members to take a look at the draft plan and give their feedback.

I hope everyone has a productive summer.

President Brenda Robinson