The President's Post

New School Year, New Opportunity!

Renewal and growth go hand-in-hand when a new school year begins.  After months of preparation, educators are filled with renewed hope for a successful school year for all students.

Certified staff and Education Support Professionals attended professional development or college courses throughout the summer to learn new skills and methods for school buildings and the classroom. Coaches, band directors, cheer & drill team sponsors, and other school organization sponsors have given countless hours of their time attending clinics and working with students prior to the start of school. There truly is no such thing as a long summer vacation for Arkansas Education Association members because they are committed to the renewal and growth of their students.      

As you have been preparing for a new school year and students, AEA leadership and staff have been working throughout the summer to focus on renewal and growth by making extensive plans to meet you where you are. The AEA Board of Directors committed to renewing their leadership in our association, as well as building relationships with local leaders and members at their retreat and first meeting last month. In order for AEA to flourish, this focused growth mindset is essential.     

As the new AEA President, I am committed to go to as many New Educator events as possible. Staff is fanning out across Arkansas to support local leaders as they introduce new hires to AEA and renew relationships with members. I am including time to meet with local leaders and members so I can listen to their concerns, ideas, and thoughts. Serving as AEA President is a privilege that I take very seriously. 

As we begin the 2017-18 school year, I hope to renew the relationship between local associations and our state association. With clear eyes and full hearts, an AEA focused on a growth mindset cannot lose. Too much is at stake for our students, communities, and public education in Arkansas. As we begin a new school year, take a moment to consider the words of J.C. Penney and contemplate how you can commit to be a part of our association work, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”.  

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Cathy Koehler