PD Presenter

The AEA Annual Professional Development Conference has been scheduled for November 5-6, 2015 in Little Rock. We are looking forward to partnering with you or your organization to provide quality professional development for Arkansas teachers.

Persons interested in becoming an AEA Professional Development Presenter must complete the Professional Development Presenter Qualifications form found below. This form provides space for a description (50 words or less) of each workshop that you wish to present. No workshop will be approved until the Professional Development Qualification form is submitted along with the AEA 2015 Workshop application also found below in the Document Section.

Please Complete the Presenter
Qualifications form below

If a teacher, please list all subjects licensed to teach as well as current teaching assignment
Memberships and Activities
Please list all professional association memberships and activities and all work experiences which you believe qualify you to be a professional development provider
(Degrees, Professional Development Certificates, etc.)
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