Human & Civil Rights Educator Award and Human & Civil Rights Citizen Award

These awards are to be presented to an educator and lay person for leadership in the area of human and civil rights.  To be eligible for this award, one or more of the following criteria must be met:                                  

  1. Candidate must have made a notable contribution for the eradication of racial and professional inequities in the education profession.
  2. Worked to bring about improved interracial and intergroup relations and understandings.                                          
  3. Been identified and recognized by his/her profession and/or community for an outstanding civic or educational contribution or achievement. 

Human & Civil Rights Special Achievement Award

This award is presented to an individual, local association, or other organization to recognize a singular achievement –past or current—in promoting human and civil rights.  This award is open to both educators and non-educators.  The criteria are the same as those listed above. \

Deadline for submission:

Postmarked by September 1, 2017

Click HERE for the nomination forms and step-by-step instructions.